Webtex Warrior Compact Stove Review

For those of you looking for a good quality, lightweight cooking system at a reasonable price, then look no further.

The Warrior Compact Stove, made by the British supplier of military equipment, Webtex, comes in a protective plastic case, which can hold a lighter or fire striker within to keep them at easy reach.

The stove is constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, making it a lightweight stove, weighing only 90g.  The stove has a packed size of just 110mm x 50mm x 50mm and fits most screw type gas canisters.  Although lightweight, this stove has proved to be robust and durable, working reliably in all weathers and conditions, coming apart and reassembling quickly and easily for cleaning



The Warrior is fully adjustable and produces a high powered flame, which is generated from the stoves 3000w power output, resulting in fast cooking and boil times.

As the stove is compact, it can fit neatly into your mess tins or other form of cooking pot, making more space in your pack for other important items.

The stove has a variable flame and has an on off lever, which although may look flimsy, is robust and due to its design, allows use with gloves or mittens on.

The Warrior Compact Stove has three independently folding arms, which are adjustable to accommodate cooking pots of various shapes and sizes, such as the BCB Crusader Cup and Zebra Billy Can.


Warrior Compact Stove with BCB Crusader Mug

Warrior Compact Stove with BCB Crusader Mug

The Warrior Stove is much cheaper than other stoves on the market, such as JetBoil and Primus, however is not inferior in quality or durability.

Due to its compact and light weight nature, combined with its fast cooking and boil time, the Webtex Warrior Stove is an ideal piece of kit for use during any camping trip, hiking expedition, fishing trip or stay in the wild

The main features of the Webtex Warrior Compact Stove are;

  • Compact (give Size)
  • Lightweight (90b)
  • Fast boil time
  • Fully adjustable gas flow
  • Durable
  • Much cheaper than other compact stoves

Click to buy the Webtex Warrior Compact Stove or the Warrior Field Stove.


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