Thermos Ultimate Flask Review

The Thermos Ultimate Graphite is an Excellent all round flask Ideal for hiking, hill walking or simply taking to work or on a family day out.  This is a lightweight and durable flask, which retains its temperature for over 24 hours for both hot and cold liquids.  This flask is available in 0.5 litre (17 oz) and 0.8 (28 oz) sizes and keeps liquid hot over 24 hours.

TThermos Ultimatehe Thermos TherMax insulation system is a double walled vacuum that works to eliminate temperature change by creating an airless vacuum space between two stainless steel walls.  From experience, this flask always provides a refreshing, piping hot drink, hours into a walk on a bleak cold mountain.  A strange phenomenon of this flask is that when poured, the second, third and fourth drinks seem hotter than the first.  The temperature of the liquid will obviously decrease with the adding of milk etc.Thermos Ultimate

Due to its lightweight properties, the flask allows sufficient amount of liquid to be carried, without it becoming a burden, fitting easily inside back packs or into external mesh pockets.  It is also compact enough to fit into water pouches.

The Thermos Ultimate Flask comes in 0.5 and 0.8 litre sizes, with the smaller of the flasks having dimensions of 240x65mm and a weight of only 310 gms.  This size will fill approximately 8 cups.

The 0.8 litre version has dimensions of 280x75mm and a weight of 390 gms, serving approximately 7 cups of your chosen hot or cold drink. The filling aperture of this flask is wide enough to be easily refilled and can also fit large ice cubes.  The Thermos Ultimate has an easy pour screw lid, which ensures tThermos Ultimatehat minimal heat is lost when pouring, and also allows use when wearing gloves or mittens.  The lid locks securely, preventing leaking, when not in use.   An issue that detracts from the features of this flask, is that liquid cools reasonably quickly once poured into the small plastic cup.  However, this is only a small problem and does not detract from the performance of the flask.

The Ultimate Graphite is made of dent proof stainless steel, making it virtually unbreakable.  It also has protective Silicone rings at the top and bottom of the flask, which are easily removed for cleaning.  Thermos are so confident in this flasks performance that they offer a lengthy guarantee.  Although costing slightly more than other types of flask, the extra pennies are well spent.

Buy the Thermos Ultimate Lightweight Vacuum Flask Here.

Key Features

Lightweight & Compact

Robust Design

Keeps Hot drinks hot & Cold drinks cold.

Easy Pour Lid

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