Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review

The Swiss Army Volcano Stove is a lightweight natural fuel burner that can boil water or heat food in a short space of time, whilst on the move or in camp.

Volcano StoveThe Volcano Stove is a cheaper, more lightweight version of the Kelly Kettle, and also has the benefit of being used to heat food as well as water. It can also be used simply to generate heat.  This stove is genuine Swiss Army issue, and comes with a water bottle and cup, which fits inside the stove for both cooking and storage.

This Swiss Army Volcano Stove, which was purchased from, uses a small amount of twigs and sticks, which are often readily available in most environments.  The stove has the added bonus of also fitting other fuel sources such as hexamine blocks, gel packs and Methylated spirit burners, which are also cheap, lightweight methods of fuel.

Watch a video of the Volcano Stove in action, before reading on for more information and information of how to buy.

The complete Volcano Stove, comes in three pieces, consisting of a burner, cup and water bottle, and has a weight of only 420 gms.  The cup holds approximately 400 ml and bottle just under a litre at 900ml.  There is an arm at the side of the stove, which acts as a locking mechanism to secure the burner when stored. When in use, the arm is folded down to create a handle, with which the burner can be held.  The handle also has a loop, which slots inside the stove, to make a ledge for the bottle to stand above the flames.

Volcano StoveThe cup has a fold away handle and a rim, which allows it to be balanced on top of the flames when in use.  The burner is quick to cool allowing camp to be broken quickly, or travel to be continued.  There may be occasions, where you may find it tricky to balance the stove, however a good tip here is to simply place a single tent peg into the ground, with the hook of the peg being placed into one of the top air holes.Volcano Stove
The stove has a rectangle cut into the lower part of the burner, this allows small twigs and sticks to be added to fuel the fire, as the flames are burning.  Oxygen is allowed to circulate and sustain the fire via the air holes which are situated around the top and bottom of the stove.  There are also holes positioned around the top and bottom of the burner, which allows air to enter and provide oxygen to the fire.  Every so often, whilst the water is boiling, the cup or bottle should be lifted away from the burner, this allows more oxygen to get to the fire and fan the flames.  It also allows larger sticks to be added as fuel.

As a result of the flames hitting the metal, the, Cup, bottle and inside of the burner will eventually turn black.  It helps not to completely remove this colouring as it is assists in conducting heat and subsequently acts to boil your water more quickly.  The stove is large enough to hold pots such as the Zebra Billy Can, allowing food to be heated as well water to be boiled.

This is an effective lightweight, natural fuel burning stove which is ideal for use when hiking, camping, canoeing, or at festivals.  Buy it from

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2 Responses to Swiss Army Volcano Stove Review

  1. Richard says:

    I’ve recently purchased one of these. Simple, works – just what you want from a piece of outdoor kit.

    I would recommended getting a bag to put it in to stop the soot spreading to the rest of your kit too.

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