How To Make a Twitch Up Snare

Twitch Up Snare

The Twitch Up Snare uses a noose attached to a trigger held under tension, which once activated, lifts the prey off the ground, providing increased force to disable the animal and reducing the risk of the prey escaping or being stolen by another larger animal before your return.  This is … Continue reading

How to Boil Water Using a Plastic Bottle

Bottle water

When in a survival situation, drinking water containing parasites could lead to severe illness, therefore, being able to boil and sterilise the water you acquire will greatly increase your chance of getting out alive.  If you have no pot or tin, then knowing how to boil water using a plastic … Continue reading

Morakniv Companion MG Carbon Knife Review


The Morakniv Companion is the updated version of the world renowned Mora Clipper knife and is the perfect knife for those new to bushcraft and for professionals alike.  If you are looking for a cheap, high quality, multi purpose camping knife, then look no further.  Buy one now! The Companion … Continue reading

How To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting


Attempting to start a fire in the damp or rain can be laborious process, therefore, mastering the art of feather stick making could mean the difference between being able to start a fire and keeping warm, or spending a cold and miserable night in camp. Split wood burns much better … Continue reading

Highlander Vacuum Space Saver Review


Attempting to fit all your clothing into your rucksack can often be a frustrating and time consuming activity, however, these vacuum space savers makes the whole process more bearable, by reducing bulky items into smaller packages. The space savers, made by Highlander, a British Company who specialise in outdoor equipment, … Continue reading

How To Make A Windproof Beer Can Lantern

Beer Can Lantern

Whether you are camping, at a festival, or simply in the garden, having a lantern or two positioned around the area, can make your evening a little more enjoyable.  By taking a beer or soft drink can and making a quick adaptation, it’s possible to suspend it from a tree … Continue reading