Ortlieb Water Bag Review

Smart Busshcraft Ortilieb Water Bag Review

4l Ortlieb Water Bag

The Ortlieb Water Bag is an excellent robust and compact water carrier, which can be strapped to a backpack, hung from a tree or adapted to form a shower system or hydraton pack,  making it the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

Tested by Smart Bushcraft in the Borneo Jungle, the Ortlieb Water Carrier is fully waterproof, being made of tear-resistant fabric, with a special food grade coating on the inside, to ensure safe transport of your water.  It has a wide opening, allowing easy filling from a tap, stream or any other water source.  It can even be attached to sit on top of a Milbank bag if required.

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The Ortlieb Water Bag comes in both 4 and 10 litre versions that can be easily fixed to 4l ortilieb Water Bag branches or vehicles thanks to the two handles being provided with buckles. Weighing only 130g and packing down to vertually nothing, this is an excellent replacement for bulky plastic or aluminium water bottles.  When filled, this 4 litre Ortlieb Water Bag has a height of 38cm and a width of 25 cm.


As well as providing a secure water storage, the Ortlieb Water bag can be used as a camping shower, seat or head pillow.  If required, it could also be used as a weight for paragliding, buoyancy means for diving and can be combined with outdoor filters for water purification.

Key Features:Ortilieb Water Carrier

  • Robust, Lightweight and Compact
  • Can be strapped to backpack, tree or vehicle
  • Wide opening for easy filling
  • Can be used as camping shower
  • Can be altered to use as hydration pack

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