Survival Facts For Cold Environments

Survival facts for cold environments

Surviving in the cold and snow requires a certain set of skills.  This page is designed to provide you with information which may save your life in a cold or frozen environment. In frozen environments, Ice should be melted for drinking water rather than snow! – When trying to survive … Continue reading

Survival Facts

How to Start A Fire Smart Bushcraft

Weight for weight, Pine Needles hold 5 times more Vitamin C than lemons.  This vitamin is responsible for the growth and repair of body tissue, which will be required in prolonged survival situations.  The Vitamin can be elicited by selecting fresh green needles, placing them into boiling water and drinking … Continue reading

How To Start A Fire

How to Start A Fire Smart Bushcraft

Fire creates heat to keep you warm, boils water making it safe to drink, heats food to make it edible and offers a way of drying wet clothing. However, being able to start and maintain a fire isn’t always as easy as experts like Ray Mears and Les Stroud may … Continue reading

How To Prepare For Fire Lighting

How to start a fire Smart Bushcraft

The key to fire lighting is practice and preparation. Those who venture outdoors should to be able to start a fire in any conditions with minimal equipment. Fire creates heat to keep you warm, boils water making it safe to drink, heats food to make it edible and offers a … Continue reading

How To Make A Swedish Fire Torch

Swedish Torch

The Swedish Fire Torch, also known as a Canadian Candle, is a great way to set up a fire as it uses only one log, has a flat cooking surface and is self feeding, meaning it can burn for several hours without any attention. The Swedish Fire Torch is easy … Continue reading

How To Make a Twitch Up Snare

Twitch Up Snare

The Twitch Up Snare uses a noose attached to a trigger held under tension, which once activated, lifts the prey off the ground, providing increased force to disable the animal and reducing the risk of the prey escaping or being stolen by another larger animal before your return.  This is … Continue reading

How to Boil Water Using a Plastic Bottle

When in a survival situation, drinking water containing parasites could lead to severe illness, therefore, being able to boil and sterilise the water you acquire will greatly increase your chance of getting out alive.  If you have no pot or tin, then knowing how to boil water using a plastic … Continue reading