Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove / Bushbox Combination Kit Review

Bushbox SetThe Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove Set is a versitile Multi Fuel Burner, that can boil water or heat food in a short space of time, whilst on the move or in camp.  The stove shows its versitility by acting as a natural fuel burner, as well as having the benefit of being able to accomodate other fuels such as Trangia style methylated spirit burners, penny stoves as well as esbit, gel packs and hexymine tablets, which are also cheap, lightweight methods of providing fuel.

The dimensions of the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove Set, when constructed are 11.5cm x 9cm x 9cm, and when dismantled, packs extremely flat and fits neatly into any backpack or pocket.  The weight of the fully constructed stove is 270g (9.52oz) and when set at its lightest setting is ony 183g (6oz).

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Bushbox Outdoor Stove

Bushbox Outdoor Stove

The Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove can be adapted to fit the type of fuel you choose to burn, which also allows the already lightweight burner to become even lighter.  If used as a natural fuel burner, the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove uses a small amount of twigs and sticks, which are often readily available in most environments, to generate heat.

The stove has a rectangle fuel port cut into one side of the burner, this allows small twigs and sticks to be added to the fire, as the flames are burning.  As the fuel port is positioned above the fire grate, instead of at the same level, the fire is contained within the stove, whilst also making the adding of fuel easier.

Oxygen is allowed to circulate and sustain the fire via the air holes which are situated around the top and sides of the stove.  There are also air holes located within the grill plate, which allows the ash to drop onto the base plate as the air is drawn through the holes.
When using the stove with a trangia or other methylated spirits burner, the front panel can be removed.  This allows the simmering ring to be applied as well as the burner to be easily extinguised.

Bushbox with TrangiaThe weight of the stove when set for this configeration (front and base plate removed), is only 183g (6.05 oz), making it perfect for hiking or lightweight camping.  In this formation, the trivets provide the stability to the structure of the stove, whilst regardless of the fuel used, the construction of the Bushbox means it also acts as its own windshield.

If burning Hexamine, esbit  or gel packs, the grill can be placed onto the higher setting allowing the flames to reach the pot, or the stove can simply be turned upside down, and the fuel placed directly on top of the base plate.
The burner is quick to cool allowing camp to be broken quickly, or travel to be continued. The stove is made from 100% stainless steel and bears the logo of the manufacturers, Bushcraft Essentials.Dismantled Busbox Set

The stove is compact yet sturdy and is large enough to hold heavy pots, whist also accomodating smaller pans and mugs.  If using a large pot that would ordanarily cover the entire surface of the burner, the trivits can be placed onto a higher setting, so that they elevate the pot above the stove, allowing air to circulate and less smoke to be produced.

bushboxA further grill plate is provided as part of the Bushbox Set but can also boought separately. A pot stand is also provided with the Bushbox Set, which includes a heavy duty outdoor bag, made of tough fabric, which holds the dismanted stove.

In summary, this is an excellent robust and versitile stove, which is ideal for use when hiking, camping, canoeing, or for use in any other stay outdoors.

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