Best Mosquito and Insect Repellents

Whether you are visiting the jungle, swamps, forest or coast, the risk of disease from being bitten by a mosquito or other insect is high if adequate mosquito insect repellent is not applied.  Even if the risk of disease is low, the constant presence of biting insects, such as the Midge, Gnats, Ticks, Fleas and Leeches can make for a tiring and painful existence.

The importance of applying sufficient amounts of quality insect repellents are highlighted Best Insect Repellentwhen you consider that a single mosquito bite can lead to one of the following diseases;

  • Malaria
  • Dengue Feaver
  • West Nile Virus
  • Various strains of Encephalitis

When in tropical or high risk areas, it is important to use a mosquito and insect repellent that contains a high Deet concentration.  Deet was developed in the 1904′s by the US Military and released to the public in the 1950′s and has proved to be the most effective guard against the mosquito and other biting insects ever since.

There are also other methods of keeping mosquitoes and biting insects at bay, such as Mosquito Nets and Head Nets, which keep the biting insects away from the body.

Listed below are reviews of various mosquito and insect repellents  as well as other items, with links to buy them from a Reputable Sellers.

Ultrathon Insect RepellentUltrathon 3M Insect Repellent

Recommended by outdoor expert Ray Mears and given 5 Stars by Which Magazine, this formula is identified as one of the best Mosquito and Insect Repellents available.

Ultrathon was developed and is used by the US Military and is currently the chosen Jungle insect repellent for the British Military.  This formula contains 34.34% Deet and has advanced time release technology, which is moisture, sweat resistant and repells Mosquitoes, Scottish Midge, Gnats, Ticks, Fleas and Leeches.  Also available in pump and spray.  Watch a Ray Mears Video about Ultrathon, before Clicking here to buy with confidence.

  • 12 Hour Protection
  • Tropical Strength
  • Advanced Time Release Technology
  • Splash & Sweat Resistant

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PermethrinPermethrin Clothing & Equipment Treatment

Health Protection Agencies of various countries recommend treating your clothing and equipment with a bug proof treatment, such as Permethrin.  This is applied to clothing or equipment prior to travel and acts to deter and kill insects on contact.  By treating your clothing with a permethrin based product, in conjunction with applying a deet based insect repellent to exposed areas of skin, then maximum protection can be achieved from mosquitoes and other biting insects.

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Repel 100%Repel 100

This insect repellent contains the maximum amount of deet, with over 95% concentration. This is a powerful insect repellent for use in high infestation areas and when prolonged exposure of the skin to biting insects is unavoidable.  Repel 1oo acts to keep biting insects at bay.

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  Jungle Forumla Jungle Formula Maximum Strength

Ideal for those traveling long-haul, visiting holiday destinations where biting insects are a problem, or for those staying at home, who just need some extra protection. Jungle Formula Max Pump Spray contains 50% DEET, plus plant extracts and is Suitable for adults and children from 3 years of age

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Mosquito Head NetSea to Summit Mosquito Head Net

    • Helps prevent contraction and spread of Maleroa,Japanese Encephalitis,Dengue Fever
    • Soft multifilament polyester for lightweight strength and compactness
    • Black mesh netting offers better visibility than white mesh
    • Fine, 500 hole per square inch hexagonal mesh
    • Made of a soft multifilament polyester
    • Wide enough to wear with a hat or without
    • Packaged in its own tiny stuff sack. Elasticized draw cord closure

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After Bite After Bite Extra Insect Bite Remedy

After Bite is used to stop the itching and swelling from insect bites and stings, containing a formula that works to neutralize the bite area so the bite  is less itchy and heals more quickly. After Bite contains ammonia, which provides relief of itching caused by insect bites, including mosquitoes and horse flies, and relief of stings from wasps, bees, jelly fish and nettles.

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Mosquito CoilMosquito Coil Repellent

Used in many tropical countries, these slow burning Mosquito Coils repel mosquitoes and other biting insects. These mosquito coils are burned to release active ingredient in the smoke. Each coil will burn six hours or more.  The release of the insecticide when Mosquito Coils are burned is a potent compound that repels mosquitoes and other insects. Lasts for hours, and is a pleasant approach to prevent annoyance, bites, and disease

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